Unlucky 13

Way back on April 13, the Guardian had a front page headed THE DAY BRITAIN CHANGED. It hard a large photo of Cameron, and down both sides of the page were brief accounts of key changes – bedroom tax, legal aid, NHS commissioning, disability, benefit cap, universal credit…There was just so much, and so much of it was bad, that it seemed important to try and separate out the bits, and mark them separately, while being aware of the overall impact.
From that came Unlucky 13, my poetry pamphlet recording the various bits of damage done to our society by this coalition government. It’s not cheerful, but it does feel necessary, and its launch this evening was a real joy, with an appreciative audience who generally shared my sense that something seriously destructive was underway. Ironically, given the abuse of the phrase, we are strengthened and united by the realisation that we are all in this together.