Poetry competition

So far as poetry goes, it’s been a busy fortnight for me. Runner up in the Wolverhampton slam, second in the Guernsey competition, and tonight I announced the results of a poetry competition I’ve been judging, called Musical Offerings. Based in Bishop’s Castle, this competition in previous years has invited poets to write poems related to works of art; this time it was pieces of music, which most writers find harder.
But there were still fifty poems to read, and a bewildering range of music – Bach to the Archers theme tune, madrigals to flamenco. I’d ended up coming back to three poems as the prize winners, two of which turned out to be by personal friends – though I had no clue of that, and I’m really glad I didn’t try to guess who wrote what. The evening was a joy – lots of poems read and music played, and all in a spirit of celebration. The aim of the prize is not to split winners from losers, but to encourage and share the enjoyment of poems, and it worked a treat. Many thanks to Bryan Podmore, whose work and commitment ensures that this event continues to happen.