Heard an interview with Steve Coogan today, in which he was rambling to the point of incoherence. So it’s just as well that I’d seen what he’s talking about, which is the excellent film Philomena. It centres on Judi Dench, who – as a lifetime of it testifies – remains utterly watchable, with Coogan as the cynical journalist Sexsmith, gradually drawn into her quest to find the son sold off by the nuns fifty years earlier in punishment for her sin of being a single young mother. Both as scriptwriter and actor Coogan is tactful and restrained, and I never thought I’d be writing that. It also has Anna Maxwell Martin, who will be my second Judi Dench for the rest of my life. Not flashy, not beautiful, but utterly watchable. I’ve seen her do a range of stuff, and she’s always convincing.