Well, it’s three days since I went to a movie, so off I go again. Mandela this time, very much in the news, and I’ve just watched a really interesting TV documentary, including some articulate radicals who feel betrayed by the whole reconciliation thing. The new film is good, well worth watching. solid rather than electric, but with terrific performances from Idris Elba and Naomie Harris – the impossible Winnie seems understandable as never before. And Mandela’s not the saint we get on the news. Womanising, and ruthlessly arbitrary when it comes to politics – Winnie gets told off for not accepting the leadership line from the ANC, but when Nelson’s outvoted in a council meeting by 4-1, he still goes ahead anyway, and negotiates with the whites on his own. a whiteknuckly ride – or hugely egotistical?