Knees must

It’s now five months since I had both knees replaced. For the first two months progress was terrific. I was released by the hospital after three days, signed off by the physios after a month, and everyone seemed happy. Except me. I could walk around, and do odd jobs, but all the time there seemed to be muscles pulling, particularly across my right knee. Had something gone wrong? Was there someone I needed to see? and now all is explained. In a routine check=-up back at the hospital they said (a) this is very common (b) I could sort it myself. I’ve been doing exercises myself, but over the weeks of physio I’ve acquired a range of them, some for extension (pushing the leg out) some for flexion (pulling it back, under the knee). What I need to do is concentrate on right leg flexion, and eventually the muscle tension will go away. So simple, but it makes a huge difference for me to get my head around it.