Iranian Deal

For once, some good news. The US and Iran have an outline deal, which gives them the chance of a more constructive relationship and us a safer world. Even better news is that Lady Ashton, universally pilloried as a nonentity, has been quietly working towards this for some time, not thrilling the media but definitely impressing the key players involved. Good for her.

Not so good for Israel. Oh dear. They tried to scupper this deal a few weeks back, twisting Hollande’s arm so that he’d get it blocked. For once the Americans have decided that they don’t need to be totally submissive to Israel, that there might be international concerns which actually override that relationship. So how does Israel react? They hurl the toys out of the pram. Iran are never to be trusted, the US have been seriously duped. They can’t see beyond the story which says that they’re noble, embattled David, surrounded by the evil Arab threat. But it’s them that’s the threat, and the biggest obstacle to peace.