G4S again

You couldn’t make it up. Have we been here before? Oh yes, we’ve been here before. Last month, G4S tried to give the government £24 million it had cheated them out of – by claiming to have tagged people who hadn’t been tagged, or had been returned to prison, or had died. The government turned this down, knowing they were owed a lot more than that.

But on Tuesday G4S were encouraged to go ahead and build a new super prison for 2000 prisoners – despite the riots at Oakwood, their existing 1600-place prison. Nothing, it would seem, is more important than cutting costs.

And today we get news that they are failing to supply adequate housing for vulnerable asylum seekers. When I worked in schools there was this slogan “If you think education’s expensive, try ignorance.” That’s what we’re doing now, again and again, and it’s surely going to cost us dear.