Amnesty Stall

A long day in Telford Town Centre, helping to run a stall for Amnesty International. We have a display and a table, in the middle of a busy shopping centre, where we try to persuade shoppers to send a card in support of one of six cases spread across the globe. Crazy? Not really. We ended up with seventy cards to send, more than twenty of them to Miriam Lopez, a Mexican woman who was grabbed off the street by soldiers, just after she’d taken her kids to school. She was taken to an army base and raped over the course of a week. To keep her mouth shut, she was tortured into confessing to a drugs charge, and was then held in prison for seven months. Finally released without charge, she’s now trying to persuade the authorities to care a damn. She can identify some of the people responsible, but…she will at least have 21 cards from Telford, and who knows how many from the rest of the UK. It really is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.