Royal Mail shambles

Vince Cable always looked like a good guy. Intelligent, honest, independent, someone who saw through the flannel and the bullshit, and who actually had a clue how the economy worked. so how does he end up in charge of the fiasco of the Royal Mail sell-off? First off, he can’t trust his own judgement. so he gets in the experts to advise. Experts? Barclays? Goldman Sachs? Notorious for feathering their own nests and cutting corners to do it, but as a source of objective judgement? Immediately, all the experts said the price was too low. Wait and see, says Vince. Well, we’ve waited and we’ve seen. It was too low. The advice was wrong, some very rich people have made a killing, and we’re all going to pay for it. Not to mention the 1600 postal workers who are losing their jobs. How do you feel about coalition then, Vince?