Protecting Israel

One of the reasons I like The Guardian is that it goes out of its way to publish a wide range of views on its comment pages. Most of the commentators I enjoy reading criticise the Israeli government as bullies, whose sustained occupation of Palestinian land produces endless tension and strife. So it’s good that today we get the views of Anshel Pfeffer, a corespondent for Haaretz. and yet, and yet…It’s a passionate defence of Israel, rooted in history. “For its citizens, the Jewish state was founded so no child could be captured and spirited away again…” Fine. Except that that means “no Jewish child.” As we’ve seen, tons of Palestinians kids are spirited away, often for no reason, and with no justification or means of redress. It’s all about us, and who cares about them? They just don’t see, what they’re doing to the Palestinians, and to themselves. And while the US gives blind support and a blank cheque, why should they?