Police Corruption

I almost feel sorry for them. You can imagine good police officers, sitting at home watching Line of Duty, groaning as it turns out that all the devious twists and turns are a result of dark betrayal by criminal police officers. Gripping drama, but hardly the PR that their profession needs….Except that there’s all those notebooks, which ever since Hillsborough have been hiding away in cupboards, unseen by any of the various enquiries, but miraculously brought to light now. Or the Lawrence investigation, which wasn’t an attempt to find his killers, but a systematic search for dirt to discredit people who might end up embarrassing the police. It’s a dark and dismal business, and the next time we hear police officers arguing that only the police are in a position to judge whether or not the police have crossed the line, we’re bound to wonder, just a little, if that’s true.