New York Review of Books

Watched a long, celebratory TV documentary (directed by Martin Scorsese) about the New York Review of Books. First off, this was a BBC culture film which didn’t include Alan Yentob – a massive and rare relief, for which much thanks. Second, it was a reminder of the privilege of intelligent writers given the freedom to write long articles with which some people may seriously disagree. I get the London Review of Books rather than the NY version, but I recognise many of the same features, and remind myself how lucky i am to have the time, leisure and money top enjoy such a regular treat. Sure, there’s articles there which are way above my head, deeply obscure or occasionally dull, but that’s a price worth paying for the pleasant surprises – the ones that gave you a fresh overview of a writer you thought you knew, or made you suddenly aware of political situations you hadn’t begun to understand. It’s a lot of words and quite a lot of money, but I shan’t be cancelling my subscription for a while.