Kerry on Snowden

If there’s one thing that depresses me more than another, it’s politicians trying to sound virile. John Kerry, US Secretary of state, has told Edward Snowden to “man up” and return to face trial in the US. Snowden, remember, is the whistleblower who took a careful, deliberate decision to tell us all about the extent to which we are being snooped on by the secret services. He didn’t do it on impulse, for revenge or in return for money. He did it because he thought it was the right thing to do, while knowing that in the process he would lose contact with family and friends, and might never be able to go home. That’s more courage than most of us show in a lifetime. To hear Kerry, you’d think that the prospect of trusting your fate to the US justice system was one universally welcomed, but having seen what the land of the free did to Bradley Manning Snowden’s decision not to go back to the States is basic common sense.