Happy Valley

It’s weird, how we make decisions. Someone tells me that Happy Valley is good, but I’m already watching Prey and Hinterland, so maybe a third police series is just too much to take on…I must have been out of my mind. Another friend, more focibly, tells me I really ought to be watching Happy Valley, but she tells me on the Friday, and episode six is coming up in three days. Luckily, thanks to the wonders of iplayer, I’ve caught up by the time it airs, and go off on holiday with the vivid memory of all six episodes fresh in my brain. I should have known. If you like Scott and Bailey, you’ll like Happy Valley. Sharp, intelligent dialogue, police officers who are human beings, a detailed look at a whole community, with lots of incdental pleasures on the way, various unusual relationships worth exploring. Yeah, OK, they’re almost all between women, and a lot of the men are token dummies, stuffed there to fill a small portion of the screen until the next bright woman comes along, but hey, in the scheme of things that’s only right. and for powerful, realistic contemporary viewing, it’s hard to beat.