England out

Ah well. We should be used to it by now. It’s always a relief when England get knocked out of football tournaments, because you don’t have to suffer the nauseating garbage served up by the commentators. Now we’re out (played three, lost two, drawn one) people seem to think this was especially dismal, but we actually played some good stuff. Twice we were down 1-0 against experienced teams, and equalised with quality goals in open play, fast skilful movement over the ground. Remembering earlier tournaments when we got further, is only to relive the deep embarrassment of being seriously outclassed – by Germany in South Africa, and then by Italy two years ago. So I’m not too depressed. You have to spare a thought for Steven Gerrard, though. A really good season, for which he’ll be remembered for (a) the stumble that derailed Liverpool’s title challenge and (b) the over-eager mistimed header which put his mate Suarez through for the goal that sent us home. Not that cushy a life, being a top player.