Did Arsenal Win?

Everyone my age knows the Bolam/Bewes episode where the two lads have recorded a key football match, but don’t want to be told the result until they’ve got time to sit down and watch the recording. This weekend I’ve been down in London, chasing round art galleries, so couldn’t watch Saturday night highlights of Arsenal v.  Everton in the last eight of the FA cup but I left the DVD recording it, so I could watch it by the time I got back, on Monday afternoon. Luckily my sister doesn’t get a Sunday paper, the news wasn’t on, and I got back to Much Wenlock in a state of breathless anticipation.

Such joy. 1-0 up, then pulled back to 1-1, and Everton looking dangerous. Get a penalty, score it, but it has to be retaken because an over eager Arsenal player ran into the area too soon. It is retaken, and Arteta scores again, and then they go and score two more (one of them a thing of total beauty) to get a 4-1 which was a travesty so far as the balance of the game was concerned. But then, I’d have been depressed because they were due to meet Manchester City in the next round, who thrashed them last time they met – except that Manchester City have been knocked out by Wigan…whisper it, but is this really the year when Arsenal might not only play beautiful stuff but actually win something?