Arsenal 3 Hull City 2

At last. For Arsenal fans, it’s been a long and weary wait. The actual moment of triumph was hard work, too. I was in Guernsey, having an otherwise relaxed time in idyllic holiday sunshine, when I arranged to do the anti-social thing and slope off to a pub for a couple of hours. I was ten minutes late, by which time my team, in the climax to their season, were a jittery two goals down.

Gradually, with a lot of effort and some luck, they worked their way back. To those of us of a Highbury persuasion, there were four penalties they might have had, but “might have been” is a classic losers’ ploy, and we wanted to win. Eventually we did, with a really classy goal that shone out brightly from a fascinating but error-strewn match. the season where Arsenal briefly dreamt of being champions, and then looked as if they might end up empty-handed and “not even” in Europe, has actually turned out to be a success. And about time too.