The power of charity

For the past few years I’ve been busy promoting my own poems, going round to read at various venues, selling the occasional copy. This year, I’ve produced a booklet of poems and photographs, 36 A5 pages for £5.00. As a change, it’s for charity. My wife works as a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Society, so i’ve paid for the production of the booklet, and the society gets all the proceeds from every sale.

Today the local male voice choir had a concert, also for Alzheimer’s. This is, you’ll have noticed, an increasingly well-known and well-supported charity; we are, belatedly, recognising that if it doesn’t yet affect someone in our family or circle of friends, there’s a good chance that it will do so. I asked my next door neighbour, who’s the chair of the choir, if I could sell copies of my booklet in the interval. He agreed, and kindly gave me a verbal plug, though nobody in the audience heard a single line I’d wrirtten. In a fifteen minute interval, I sold twenty-five copies. Just amazing.