Back to Ludlow again; another night, another film. This time it was Pride, which was gorgeous. “Listen, children, and I’ll tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a group of gays and lesbians, who wanted to support the strking miners. so they set up a link with a Welsh pit village, and all lived happily ever after…” Well, not quite. Just as it seemed to be getting slushy and too good to be true, the story would darken. It helped that there is a terrific cast, with Bill Nighy superb in a part where for once he’s not relying on roguish charm. Dominic West also had a good time, and does a dancing turn some way removed from his role as Nulty in The Wire. I reckon to be fairly aware of this history, but at the end was astonished by the extent to which this was rooted in real events. The central activist, Mark Ashton, seems to have been very, very special, doing more with his 26 year life than many people manage in 70. The atmosphere of the whole film is warm and generous, and at the end the audience burst into applause. that’s not something that happens every week.