Wall to wall art

Now and again, we build up a file of newspaper reviews, and go down to London to visit galleries. It helps that my sister lives there, and is happy to be invaded for a weekend, while we vanish all day and then come home to be fed. So this time the programme goes SATURDAY Impressionists, Goya drawings, Maggi Hambling SUNDAY Greek sculpture, Australian artefacts and Los Carpinteros. Yeah, okay, They’re the odd ones out, in many senses. At the Parasol Unit, not the best known or most easily accessible venue in London, but well worth the long trek on foot we took to get there. Two Cuban artists, with a real political edge but not crude propaganda, who’ve stayed in Havana and made witty, provocative, powerful art. Look them up on Google and you’ll get a taste. This comes from their stunning video of a Cuban dance troupe samba-ing down a main street in Havana – backwards. Just amazing.