The offer of a lifetime

For someone who’s written political plays, this was dynamite. In direct, eloquent terms, Nicola Sturgeon offers Ed Miliband the chance to see off the Cameron Conservatives for good. He won’t get enough votes to do it on his own; large numbers of the seats on which he used to rely will be occupied by the SNP, so what about it?

You can see why he has to say no. What’s left of the Labour Party in Scotland needs his support to keep going at all. Sturgeon doesn’t have the support of a majority vote behind her, and the Tories would love to rouse the ire of Little England against a red who’s ganging up with the Scots. But I fear we may yet be haunted by her alternative, that Miliband turns down the chance of working with the SNP, only to see Cameron saunter back into power, keener to do more damage to the unity of the United Kingdom than the SNP ever envisaged.