Standing for a Seat

For over six months now, I’ve been working with a couple of friends on an election show – two poets and a singer-songwriter, putting together 45 minutes of entertainment about the past, present and possible future of our democracy. Between us, we cover a variety of moods – satirical, whimsical, reflective and sombre. We look at the history of voting, take in Emmeline Pankhurst, Clem Attlee and Tony Blair, as well as Russell Brand and Al Murray. And yes, there’s stuff on Cameron and Miliband, on the Lib Dems, UKIP and the Greens. a lot of it’s light, but it’s not cheap or stupid, and we’ve worked really hard to put it together. We have scripted links and intros, no faffing around wondering what comes next, or that’s the right way to introduce this song…and as we do it, the hours of discussion and rehearsal are definitely worth it, and the packed audience at Eat Up seem to enjoy what they’ve heard. What’s that? Oh yes, you can still catch this show, but not for long. April 17 at Priory Hall Much Wenlock, and May 1 at Victoria Hall, Broseley. 7.30 for both, admission £2.00 – including refreshments.