Shouting at pm

If I’m cooking the tea between 5.00 and 6.00 I’m always torn between radios 3 and 4. Restful music for the soul, or opinionated idiots who will drive me mad. When I run the risk of choosing pm i usually regret it, and so it was again tonight. they’re talking about the Paris murders, and this guy from the Daily Telegraph says “In the light of this atrocity, if you tell me that I have to sacrifice a bit of my privacy to be safe, then that’s a price I’m prepared to pay.”

And they leave it. The other guy commenting, and the interviewer, are quite happy to leave that non sequitur buzzing around the airwaves, as if it were a demonstrable fact. It’s the ‘if’ that matters. Exactly which sacrifice of security will make us safe? Nobody knows. It’s just that the security services like freedom in which to operate, and every time something like this comes up they use it as an argument to extend their power. I rant for a while, and then settle for the obvious response. Back to Radio 3.