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Because I was out performing last night, I didn’t watch the TV leaders’ debate. I nip into town to do some shopping, and catch the SUN’s headline – photo of Ed Miliband “Oops – I just lost the election.” Really? Was it that bad. then i get home to see The Guardian, which has a poll that reckons Miliband did better than Cameron. Of course. I need to remind myself, that papers aren’t reporting the election, they’re part of it, and the mock-Miliband industry will continue flat out whatever he says or does. I caught up on the on the recorded programme, and watched it a bit at a time – there’s only so much blustering insistence on being heard that you can take. For me, Cameron looked sadly out of place, and I’m sure I’m not the only English voter who wouldn’t mind the chance to vote for Nicola Sturgeon – clear, passionate and smart. What wouldn’t I give to have someone like that running the UK government?