Quality on the box

Just as I decide that what’s on TV is a waste of space, they give me Wolf Hall and Cucumber on successive nights. Brilliant Mark Rylance as Mantel’s deeply endearing Cromwell (whatever the historians say), surrouded with other good actors, and the whole thing done carefully, stylishly, really well. It’ll be no problem at all tow atch six episodes of this.

And then there’s Cucumber. Crude, witty, almost aggressively explicit – but also tender and human and really poignant. Remember Bob and Rose? Maybe not; it’s years ago. But that was Russell T. Davies too – about a guy who thought he was gay but might be getting a kind of surprise, and so did we all. with Wolf Hall you sort of know what’s coming. with cucumber, it might be anything, but it’s also going to be worth watching. Things are looking up.