Peggy Seeger

So it’s back again to Birmingham, for our second visit to the amazing Flatpack Festival (yeah, OK, so my son runs it. But it is terrific). We get a golden ninety minutes of chat, featuring Peggy Seeger talking to Peter Cox (who’s written a book about the Radio Ballads). On her own admission, she’s a fluent talker – “I’m not getting off the subject. I’m just embroidering the edges.” She’s also knowledgeable, witty, warm and totally honest. No pretension or vanity, but a ton of lively detail about her own upbringing, her relationship with MacColl, and the process of making the programmes. Cox also had some terrific photos, and brief clips from the ballads, culminating in a duet between Seeger and MacColl which I’ve never heard before but have to own, even if it means buying the whole set. A great afternoon. Yet again, thank you, Flatpack.