Horses for courses

You have to hand it to Cameron; he doesn’t hang about. When his election guru tells him that Michael Gove will cost him votes, he ditches Gove like a shot. Now that Cameron has his massive endorsement from a third of the voting population, he doesn’t need their votes again for five years. But he does need someone thick skinned to push through controversial legislation and retain the support of right wing Tories – come on up, Michael Gove!

As for the boring stuff, about whether the Human Rights Act defends vulnerable people against greedy employers and overbearing states, that’s for a later session, but preferably never. The tabloids will keep telling us that it’s just a sneaky device for letting terrorists get away with murder, and in no time at all we’ll forget it was ever there – like legal aid, or the presumption of innocence. Believe me, folks, we are on a slippery slope, and it’s going to get worse.