Golden Oldies

As the New Year drought of decent telly continues, I’ve been driven back to my dvd shelves to fill in the gap. and what a joy that’s been. I don’t have to sink in the treacle of Miranda, Downton Abbey and various versions of Dustin Hoffman aging with charm. The one TV movie I did try was The Help, which wore its heart on its sleeve, backed up with a full string orchestra, but was so full of virtue I almost fell asleep. black women will be lively, heroic and passionate; white women – except the rebellious heroine – will be shallow, racist and narrow-minded. Oh dear. I was a relief to get back to Silver Linings Playbook, Secretary and the Lives of Others (that’s on successive nights; not a bad little package). Intelligence, vitality and a bit of wit – such a pleasure. Maybe I should get used to it. Is this the shape of things to come?