Flight Behaviour

After a year of doing without, Telford now has a bright new glossy library – huge escalators and automatic doors that don’t work. I was fine with the old one, but it’s good to have something, and extra good to have the bonus of what only libraries can do – let you browse when you’re not sure what you want, and come home with a pleasant surprise. I didn’t like reading 400 pages about a woman called Dellarobia, and wasn’t entirely convinced that bright, sharp Barbara Kingsolver could think herself into the life of a bored and frustrated housewife in the midwest, but it was fine. and it had the huge bonus of seriously taking on big ecological themes while also dealing with people – risky stuff, but worth the attempt. And then there’s the monarch butterflies, who I knew a little about, but was delighted to meet again, in some detail – which taught me a lot more. Serious pleasure.