Computer Dependency

Here we go again. Just as it’s all going smoothly, and I’m congratulating myself at getting with the technological programme, it all goes weird. Press the switch, the light goes on, wiggle the mouse and more lights go on, but actually nothing on the screen. I’ve just put a bookcase on Freegle, and for all I know thousands of eager applicants are queuing up to collect it, but all I can do is wait.

I wait. I end up with a lovely new monitor, 21″ wide (replacing the 16″ dinosaur that was the reason for my difficulties), and find that actually there’s only three people who wanted the bookcase, and none of them are now interested. So that’s OK. Restored to e-mail contact, i think maybe it’s time to gently nudge the people printing my forthcoming book (Writing for blockheads, launched on March 27th) that I sent the files two weeks ago so they should be just about ready….Reply comes back, almost immediately.”Not ready. Couldn’t open your files. Didn’t you get my e-mails?” Actually, no. Didn’t get them, can’t find them anywhere – inbox, junk, deleted, not a sign of any communication at all. Cold panic settles in, as I contemplate a triumphant launch at which copies of the book are not available. I am reassured that it won’t be that bad, but for a sickening number of minutes I think it might.