Cameron’s warm words

We’re going to have to live with it. Five more years of Tory rule. It starts, promisingly enough, with warm words from David Cameron. “Reclaim the tradition of one nation Toryism, govern with respect.” Absolutely right. That’s what’s needed, that’s what we want to hear. But five years ago, we wanted to hear that there would be no further top-down reorganisation of the NHS. so that’s what he told us. Remember this? “The test of a good society is how you look after the elderly, the frail, the vulnerable, the poorest…” Cameron again, five years ago, just before the most savage onslaught on the powerless that we’ve ever seen. The snag with Cameron is not what he says. It’s that what he says bears no relation to what he does. On past evidence, you can’t believe a single word. If you want more detail on my post-election thoughts, have a look at The Morning After.