I hate to say I told you so but I did. Way back last year, when Broadchurch Series 1 finished, I said it was terrific but couldn’t see any sensible way of it carrying on, since both the main characters had excellent reasons for never coming back to the town again. Well, it’s back and so are they, and the complicated explanations as to exactly why they both find themselves in this town of lousy memories are so intricate that it’s going to be hard to develiop the momentum that made series 1 so rivetting.

And then there’s the twist. We know who did it. We saw him get caught – eventually – and we heard him confess. Case solved. Now we’re going through the formality of the trial, where he’ll stand up and plead guilty, and – shock horror – he doesn’t. He pleads not guilty. Well, knock me down with a feather. Good surprise telly unless, like me, you’re old enough to remember the original Prime suspect, where the same thing happened, but so much better. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so, since the writer of Broadchurch was also the writer of Prime Suspect 2, which had to pick up the pieces of the original surprise. Same old, same old. Maybe I should just announce that things aint what they used to be, and stop watching.