BBC3 rocks

For the second time in a week, I’m impressed by a BBC3 documentary. Last week it was Stacey Dooley on domestic violence, and a clear, thorough job she made of it. Tonight it’s an English Muslim woman, braving the post-charlie atmosphere in France, headscarf and all. she was terrific; sympathetic, intelligent but also spontaneous. There was a lovely moment when she spoke with a fully-veiled teenager who was sure she’d have a better life in Saudi – she nodded, and then moved away, remarking “that’s bonkers.” Even more, sadly, was the extra bonkers response to the killings. a junior school class is asked to respond to the “Are you Charlie?” question. They all know the right answer, except one thoughtful Muslim lad, who dissents. His dad is called in, and asked why his son supports terrorists. Dad, amazingly calm, asks his son what a terrorist is. He doesn’t know. All he knows is, someone’s made fun of Mohammed, so he’s on the opposite side. And yet, after all that, the police still call the lad in to be formally questioned. Bonkers isn’t the word.