Arsenal again!

Amazing. For the second year running, Arsenal have won the cup. Yes, they really are my team. I haven’t been seduced by money and the new Emirates stadium. I used to watch them years ago at Highbury, when that  was a penance. (Me and Nick hornby both, we stood through some very bad games). Last year i rushed to a Guernesey pub and got there ten minutes late to find that they were already two down to Hull, so this year i took it very easy. Had a quiet morning, warned Linda that she’d be much happier out of the house (she went a good long walk, and was glad to miss it all) settled down with a good bottle of beer and soaked it in. 4-0 is fine, and there was none of the tension of last year. Villa never looked threatening, often gave the ball away, and although that might have spoilt things for the neutral spectator, that neutral spectator isn’t me. So I was happy to sit back and watch Walcott’s terrific opening goal, followed by a sumptuous strike from Sanchez. So many disappointments and might-have-beens this season, but it’s great to go out on a high.