"Nothing but blue skies, from now on..."

If you found the result of the last election a shock, you'd better get used to it, because that's going to be the pattern for some time to come. Not because the Tories have won the hearts of the British public, but because they are making strenuous efforts to change the way elections work. The rules about registering to vote have been altered, so that large numbers of people will effectively be disqualified from voting. Also, and the boundaries of constituencies are being changed, with the result that it will be even harder for Labour to get anywhere near a majority of seats, even if they had a majority of votes. none of this is accidental, and it's very hard to see how it might be resisted or reversed, given that most of our press is devoted to keeping the Tories in power. Owen Jones has a good article summarising these changes in today's Guardian, but it's very hard to know if anyone else really cares about what's going on.