Short-term Self-interest

Teaching activists (remember them?) used to have a slogan - "If you think education's expensive, try ignorance." Well, we are. We have a government whose only long-term planning is about how they can fix the next election, which has no sense of the country's long-term interest.

Heavy rainfall in Cumbria is not just the unprecedented disaster of which Liz Truss complains, but a likely, predictable consequence of what we're doing to the planet. Yes, there were plans to prepare for such eventualities, but they got postponed and cut back, in the enthusiastic drive to cut costs. So it will, of course, cost so much more in the end.

And the same goes for climate change generally. Nauseating to watch Cameron working himself up into national statesman mode, as he prepares to instruct the rest of the world on their duty to the planet - when it's common knowledge that his government have sabotaged the UK's attempt to develop renewable energy, support solar power and get serious about carbon capture.