First we had records, then tapes, and then CDs. black and white TV, then colour, then video recording, and now catch-up. I am gradually learning the art, having ditched my complicated system of recording on to tape or DVD. Now I don't record anything, but I do try to catch up on stuff I've missed, because of clashes, or being out, or people telling me that things i didn't think were worth watching might actually deserve a look.


Capital was one of these. i read the book, with mild pleasure but no great enthusiasm, but it's actually one of those few works which gains from being televised. It was long and sprawling, with Middlemarch pretensions but nothing like its depth, but Telly knows how to zip around between the members of a large cast, maintaining interest through variety and suspense, and wrapping the whole thing up in less than three hours - which the book certainly didn't manage. entertaining, very watchable, and I polished off all three episodes in one night. Job done.