Choice of movies

After a bit of a lull, I've got back into moviegoing, and have managed two in the past week.

Spectre is the latest Bond, very slick and effective, if a bit long. tons of different locations, lots of explosions and brilliant effects, and some really good actors adding a conviction which wasn't always there. but still, for me, too contrived and bulky. too many people involved, trying to cram in too much to attract different kinds of audience, so I come out feeling a bit flat.

99 Homes is different. Written and directed by someone I've never heard of, with real intelligence and passion.  It's a tough contemporary parable, about a carpenter whose home is repossessed, who is desperate to look after his family. So desperate that he ends up working for the guy who kicked him out of his house. He's immoral, ruthless and very persuasive - as the devil should be when offering Faustian deals. It's gripping, convincing, often surprising, focussing on a small but developing situation with wonderful intensity. I'm so glad i saw it.

Oh yes. We saw Spectre in a packed multiplex, with hundreds of other people wanting to see the latest thing. We saw 99 homes in a deserted auditorium, with a handful of others.