Today's headline from The Guardian: “Cameron writes to local council to complain about cutbacks.” Well, of course he does. He's not happy that services are being cut back, day centres closed. Or maybe he is happy, but knows that his constituents aren't, so it'll get him a bit of popularity if he shows that he's on their side.

Not surprisingly, the local council leader, a Tory who loyally supported Cameron at the election, is a bit miffed by the suggestion that a 35% cut isn't that substantial, and he shouldn't need to be making any cuts. But Cameron is sure there's a way out; just have a word with one of his aides, and they should be able to fix something.


That's it in a nutshell. For them, the populace at large - tighten your belts, live within your means, accept the ruthless logic of the market. But for us, looking after our own, we can make an exception, put together a deal behind the scenes. 

(And yes, I do have a poem about this. see Miscalculation).