This Changes Everything

And it does. That's an outrageously arrogant title for a book, but in the case of Naomi Klein's comprehensive, devastating argument about the conflict between capitalism and the climate, to me it seems entirely justified. as a writer and a person I think she's seriously impressive - always clear and logical, marshalling huge amounts of material, but also with personal touches of activists she's met, experts who've explained things, developments she's witnessed at first hand. she's always positive, looking for the response that will make things better, the tactics that might make a difference, where in many cases my instinctive reaction is to head towards despair. Not because I want to, but because the opposing forces are so powerfully entrenched. Yet again, she has found a way of presenting important arguments that makes them urgent and easy to grasp, without simplifying the issues or taking cheap shots. We're lucky to have her.