England Rugby defeat

Well, everyone else is having a go, so i might as well chip in. Actually, I think they're going over the top. Yes, it's disappointing that England aren't going through, but it was always crazy that one of them\Wales\Australia would not get out of the pool. They lost two matches, but they weren't a shambles throughout. For three quarters of the Welsh match they were well in control. They gave away too many penalties, and got their defensive line wrong for the key try. when Japan went for the win rather than the draw, they were praised to the skies. We weren't wrong for attempting that - just silly to throw to the front of the line out.

And Australia.? Very, very good. All the comments about Foley before the game suggested that he wasn't quite up to it - he was stunning. Two good tries and, again, too many penalties against us, too much ball turned over. But we were still in it until Farrell's high tackle, and the surplus points go piled on after that. Watching England wasn't the torment that it used to be. Lancaster may not be a crafty operator to match Gatland, Jones (and now) Cheika, but he's straight, honest and positive, and he's done us a favour in making England  a team we're not embarrassed to watch.