This Is England 90

Finally, I've caught up with the whole of the last series of This is England - thanks to catch-up TV. not sure whey I wasn't able to watch it as it came out, but these days that's not the problem it was. It's a strange addictive series, which doesn't work quite like anything else. If you watched the wrong five-minute clip, you could easily think it's aimless and inconsequential. In fact, it's an intelligent, affectionate portrait of a complex group of working-class people, and there's not often you'll hear that.

It's acted with total conviction, by actors like Stephen Graham and Vicky McLure, who've moved on to bigger and more respectable things, but are bright enough to know that never again will they be involved with something that has this weird mix of silliness, affection and raw power. No spoilers, just go and watch it. Give it time.