Arrogant Hunt

It's been a busy week for Jeremy Hunt. On October 5th a Tory ex-minister reported that Hunt hasd absotaged a pay deal with the junior doctors. By the 9th he had decided to offer some concessions, but on the 12th the junior doctors said that those weren't enough. you'd think he had enough on his plate, picking up the pieces of the damage he's done.

But no. In the middle of all this he has time to swan along to the Tory Party conference, and explain to delegates that "welfare cuts encourage hard work." He knows about this stuff, because his wife's Chinese, and in china they really know about hard work, as opposed to the Uk, where they're simply playing at it. where does he get the nerve? Who is it that told him that he was in any position to pontificate about the lives of the people his government despise?