Another week, another TV show that i'm surprised to find myself watching. Innocent members of the public volunteer to become fugitives for a month, seeking to evade the forces of law and order, with massive surveillance facilities at their disposal. It's a real education in how much they know and can find out about any of us as we go about our business, and while it's interesting to see the different personal approaches adopted by the hunted, it's the mindset of the hunters that's fascinating. Some are thoughtful, sensitive almost sympathetic, while others have the arrogance that comes from total power. One tonight aired his disgust at one of the hunted simply staying still rather than running in panic, as though that was a kind of cheating. When they're stuck, the forces of law and order issue phoney wanted posters, bug phones, grill innocent members of the public and offer financial rewards to informers, so it's not as though the rules are crystal clear.  Given how much was against them, there was a corny triumph in tonight's final episode, where four very different - and not always competent -  characters succeeded in flying off to freedom, as the hunters closed in, but not quite in time. OK, so maybe the programme makers contrived that, but it still gave me a buzz to see it finish that way.