Yes, I know. Never dreamed I'd be watching it, let alone writing about it, but there you go. My daughter's at home and hardly watches anything, but this is a regular fixture, so i might as well be sociable...I don't make cakes and never shall, but I have to admit, it's riveting. Cleverly edited, so that it's almost all highlights. No drudgery, no total disasters (this is the final, after all) but plenty of tension and suspense. It's also very civilised - there's an acknowledgement that the art of baking is the star, so that although there are judges and personalities and we get to know the contestants, it's within a shared appreciation of a common passion - miles away from the phony competitiveness and self-assertion of The Apprentice or Britain's Got Talent. (Not that I watch either of those). and the important thing was not that Nadiya (deservedly) won, but that all three managed to produce gob-smacking works of art in their final task. I was glad to be one of the fourteen million amazed spectators.