This is a topic which doesn’t usually feature in the mainstream media, but is fiercely discussed on the web. There are heartbreaking personal stories from all over the world, of people whose lives have been wrecked by signals from phone masts or a range of electrical equipment. There’s also a political background, of business clamping down on any scientist reporting ill effects, and of government failing to regulate effectively.

I’m not a scientist, and there’s tons of heavy literature around by and for those who are. But I am interested in the issues, and I’ve written a short booklet Sending a Signal, to record my early exploration of this area, and my reactions to what I found.

I’ve also written a radio play which centres on Pete Simmons, who suffers from electrosensitivity, and the efforts of Jackie, a journalist, to help him. You can hear a recording of this play, produced by James Jerrold, below.