Boxed Set is a collection of poems dealing with film and television. It ranges from a memory of watching the film of Cockleshell Heroes, aged 11, to the final episode of The Killing, Series 3. There are poems which cover Brief Encounter, Katharine Hepburn and Clint Eastwood, and a sequence of sonnets and sestinas dealing with The Sopranos.

A glimpse inside:

Brief Encounter

She walks into the dark, joins rows
of anonymity. So intimate
this shedding of her chores, as she is held
enfolded by Rachmaninov
on a platform drowned in steam.

Boxed Set
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There is a refuge from the graft
of getting by, those years beneath
the shadow of bad news and bombing raids.
The Pathé News will not report
her shabby clothes, the aching in her heart.

For here is what she craves.
This precious yearning, not to be defined
but mirrored on the screen, and recognised.
She smells the smoky laughs of men
who scorn romance, but she believes.

She is allowed to dream. This man,
forbidden, gentle, comes to her.
His expert hands will take
the speck out of her eye and
so much, so much more.